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The Three Seven Aught Mystery

Sunday, March 16th, 2014

I’m writing this article for several reasons. First off, I’m very concerned over the passengers on the plane who don’t deserve their fate. Second, I’m concerned over the raison d’etre of the “hijacking.” Third, I’m a huge mystery buff—and this is a mystery worthy of Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot.

Let’s consider some of the facts:

1. The plane took off just fine.

2. It flew on course for about fifty minutes, or until the captain turned off the seat-belt sign which was over water.

3. After that, the transponders were turned off and there was no further communication from the cockpit.

Question #1: What happened after that?

We can go into a lot of theories but the fact that it wasn’t tracked by radar nor did anyone see it explode or crash leads me to believe that it was commandeered by people already on board. If it was just a piece of cargo on the plane that someone wanted, they could have kept the plane on the ground to search it. No, they wanted someone or someones on board—and they wanted them out of touch of civilization.

Personally, I think the flight was commandeered from the start with the intended landing site the US military base at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. There were seven hours of fuel in the plane, more than enough to land there. The people responsible for taking over the cockpit probably positioned themselves in the bathrooms or in the seats of one or two or more of the five passengers who checked in but didn’t get on board (which is a huge anomaly!). For this to take place, the flight crew had to know about it. Some of them may have been involved in it or they may have been led to think that they were playing a part in something else entirely.

Once the plane was in the air, the passengers were tranquilized by airborne, liquid, or other means for either the rest of the flight or, for those who didn’t matter, perhaps for the rest of their lives. I truly hope the latter is not the case.

After that, it wouldn’t be difficult for a US naval airforce pilot to turn the plane west and guide it over water–undetected to radar and satellites–to the US military base at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. Diego Garcia can land a plane of this size and hide it in their hangars. They can also hide passengers (either dead or alive) on the island or transport them someplace in submarines or otherwise. (The coral atoll makes a great sub base.) The base is also an Air Force Satellite Control Network Station which might explain a lot of things.

Question #2: Why?

The major concern is what the US would want with 370. Maybe the government needed to interrogate/take out one or more people on it. If it was just a piece of cargo on the plane, they could have accomplished that before the plane took off, as mentioned earlier.

I read on the internet that some Snowden affiliates may have been on board. Or, perhaps there was something else involved of which we know nothing, nor shall we. I just hope it was something worthy of scrapping two hundred thirty nine lives.

Of course, this is all armchair conjecture…

May truth and justice rule.