*Blue Plate Specials* – Nov. 16

Because of today’s market rally, the Blue Plate Special is too large to put in its usual spot in the right column. 

Breaking Out to new highs on stronger than average volume:  AXP, BMY, CEA, FLL, GHM, HL, HPJ, HPQ, IBKC, IPHS, KMGV, KRY, NM, RINO, RTP, SNIC, SPEX, SVM, TSL, ULTA, WG, YZC
Breaking Out to new highs on lower than normal volume:  AKR, AMX, BBL, BRP, BRS, CAS, CPSI, DCI, EL, ELS, EMR, FADV, FSYS, GOLD, GRS, HRBN, ITW, JAS LIHR, LII, NEU, RAI, RPM, SLT, SLW, STO, TS, TV, VIP, VTR
New Yearly Lows: LEAP
Breaking Out: 
Breaking Out on lower than normal volume:  NARA
Breaking Down:  MA
Low-priced Leaders:  MSPD, WIT
Metals Highs:  Silver SLV, Copper JJC, Platinum PG,  Gold (GLD, IAU), Gold Miners GDX
Sector Highs: Coal (PKOL, KOL), Materials XLB, Industrials XLI, Aerospace PPA, Consumer Discretionary XLY, Internet (IAH, HHH), Health & Medical (HII, XLV, IXJ), IT (VGT), Tech XLK, Consumer Staples XLP
Heating Up: Solar
Wow! Stock:  NLST on revolutionary memory technology
Beware One-trick ponies!:  Biotech PARD falls hard on failed clinical trial of sole anti-cancer drug
Market Notes:  SPX & DTX broke major resistance but market internals not matching bullish action–enter with caution!

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