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People have been emailing me wondering where the heck my blog has been–have I been under the weather?  Have I taken an extended vacation?  Are the holidays beginning to weigh me down?  (Well, maybe the last one…) I just want to jump in here and say that Dr. Kris is still alive and well.  While most would never use the words “Dr. Kris” and “workaholic” in the same breath, I have been working hard behind the scenes trying to raise the Stock Market Cook Book to a new business level.

One effort that I can mention right now is that the Stock Market Cook Book is cross-promoting its brand with other companies that provide complementary content and services.  Through the kind efforts of Miles Jennings of OV Metrics, the Stock Market Cook Book now appears on the Links List of, a website devoted to all things related to portfolio measurement and  risk.  It’s chock full of educational material, original content, networking forums, and portfolio analysis tools for both the institutional investor as well as you home-gamers and  is well worth a look.  They’ve also added the SMC Analyzer to their list of Portfolio Risk tools and will be running my recent series of blogs on the Sharpe Ratio in their December 7th newsletter.  I couldn’t be more thrilled!

My web designer, aka Professor Pat, and I are also in the process of redesigning the website.  We want to make it easier to navigate while providing more content and interactive features. (I’m always open to suggestions concerning site improvement.)

That’s the short list.  I’ve also been working on a couple of research projects that are taking more time that I had originally thought (they always do).  I wish someone would invent the 30 hour day!

Okay.  I’ve got to get back to generating today’s  Blue Plate Specials.  Speaking of which, I’m writing a primer on how to use this feature and the the first installment will be the subject of today’s blog.  No flipping channels!

Note:  We’ll be adding to our blog list.  On a sad note, we’ll be deleting Investing in Africa as the site’s founder, Ryan Shen-Hoover, is closing down his Africa Fund.  In a private email, he said that it was becoming too difficult and frustrating cutting through the red-tape associated with chaotic government bureaucracies and illiquid markets.  I truly admire him for venturing into the deep jungles of the African investment frontier and reporting about it in his well-researched and eloquent articles.  All the best, Ryan!

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