*Blue Plate Specials * Portfolio – 7/28/10

Market Notes
Investor confusion is evident in this market which is why yours truly is having a tougher than usual time in predicting short-term direction. On the bullish side, second quarter (Q2) earnings are beating expectations with CEOs saying they’re seeing a pickup in sales. On the bearish side, most economists (including the Fed) are predicting slower growth due to a soft housing market and continued unemployment. Today’s lower than expected durable goods numbers added to this discouraging point of view which fueled investor pessimism leading to today’s sell-off.

What will buoy investor confidence in the short-term? For one, if Exxon-Mobil (XOM) reports good numbers tomorrow before the bell, a pop at the open wouldn’t be unexpected. The real question is will that be enough to fuel a rally for more than a few minutes?

Today’s Portfolio Picks
Here are my 10 long stock picks chosen from today’s *Blue Plate Specials* menu. They are selected from the following lists: Breaking out to new highs, Low-priced leaders, and Darlings of the Day.


For more info on how this portfolio is generated and how you can construct your own, see the fund rules in the 4/21/10 blog. And remember to do your own due diligence! 

Note: Long-term performance will be updated at the end of each month beginning with the end of August.

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