*Blue Plate Specials* Portfolios Close-outs

Key market reversal yesterday
I had mentioned on Monday that the market was under consolidation and yesterday it finally decided to take a much needed breather. The action was so negative—what with topping tails galore, a rising Trin, and all sectors and asset classes (outside of the US dollar) dipping into the red—that I thought the market would spend at least a few more days in negative territory. Since I only had a few *Blue Plate Specials* portfolios remaining, I made the executive decision to end the fund on a high note and closed them all out while they still were in the green.

Hindsight will tell me if that was the correct choice but there’s no turning back now. To tell the truth, there are other things I’m chomping at the bit to get to including the launch of a totally refurbished website (I like this layout but apparently I’m the only one), another completely new website geared towards long-term investors and investment professionals, and an exciting new app that will provide oodles of investment ideas and strategies. I’m so excited!

I also want to get back to the business of writing articles and searching for more investment recipes. How I’ve missed pure research! Not to worry, though, as I’ll still be putting out my daily *Blue Plate Specials.*

Today’s market action
Much to my amazement the market bounced off its early morning low and jogged right back up, closing the day in positive territory. The VIX and the Trin both settled back down and bullish VWAPs suggest that perhaps this short-lived correction is over. But I wouldn’t get too excited because this fickle market could easily change its mind and stumble head over heels at any time. Remember what I’ve been saying about buying protection!

Portfolio close-outs
The 10/25 though 10/29 portfolios were closed out on Tuesday for some very nice gains. Special thanks to the gold and silver mining stocks Novagold (NG) and Silver Wheaton (SLW) which turned in stellar two week performances.

Full fund stats are being computed and will be presented in tomorrow’s blog along with commentary about what went right and what could be improved upon. See ‘ya manana!






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