Woulfe-fram, Jack! A note on Canadian-based precious metal/rare earth miner Woulfe

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Orange-chyou glad the Christmas blog is gone?

I’m probably more bored looking at my Christmas blog pictures than you are so, for the sake of my sanity, I decided to do something about it. Since I began generating the daily *Blue Plate Specials*, I haven’t had as much time to put into crafting full-blown articles as I would have liked. On top of that, we’re in the midst of finalizing a new website that I hope will be much more informative and user-friendly.

So, until more free time warps its way into my life, I’ll be posting “smaller” blogs that require less reseach but are no less important. (Research, along with generating new products, portfolios, and trading systems, is my passion.) But I also love writing and communicating with my readers, so today I thought I’d post a response to an interesting inquiry sent today from a reader on SeekingAlpha where I’m a contributor:

Dear Dr. Kris,

Today, North Korean Leaders manifested a clear intention to open discussion with South Korea to assure harmony and prosperity…

South Korea has a Strong Mining Industry History. There is a Canadian project to reopen mines which have not been in production for over 20-25 years. History proved the strength of that mining at the new name of: WOULFE Mining. Canadian stock symbol is: WOF

I would appreciate so much you tell me what you think about investing in this company.

–SA Reader (not the real SA id)

My response (edited and expanded for more clarity):

Thanks for writing and bringing this interesting company to my attention.

Perhaps at the “behest” of their good friends the Chinese, N.Korea is offering up the olive branch to S. Korea. As you probably know, the Chinese have been gobbling up every natural mineral resource they can and they’ve been threatening to cut exports on rare earth metals, including tungsten and molybdenum, aka moly. I can see why they’d be really interested in Woulfe’s tungsten/moly Korean project–not to mention the company’s uranium/vanadium and gold/silver stakes—as the mine’s proximity to China can’t be ignored.

I wish I had time to sift through Woulfe’s financials, but technical analysis is more my bailiwick. Interest in the company is reflected in the stock chart which trades on the Toronto exchange as WOF and as a thinly traded bulletin board stock (WFEMF) in the U.S.

Volume and price in WFEMF have both been rising since 11/5 when the company announced they had moved drilling equipment onto the S. Korean tungsten mining site. (See weekly chart of WFEMF below.) Volume has risen from essentially nothing to no less than 750k shares, and price has steadily increased from the November 2008 low of 4 cents to 30 cents (as of today’s close).

The chart shows support/resistance at the quarter (25 cent) levels (more evident on the daily chart). The stock was firmly rejected at 50 cents recently, but it looks to be on the rebound. If it breaks through that level, the next major barrier would be $1.

Sure, small stocks come with more risk, but they also offer greater upside potential. Per my cursory perusal, company management appears to be solid (the CEO is a graduate from the Aussie School of Mines) and the company’s mine stakes have already been proven.

I would say buy the stock with your mad money and set a stop-loss if losing money will keep you up at nights (I’d set it at 24 cents). You could easily ride this puppy up to a dollar (US) and perhaps beyond. 

And doubling your money wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

Hope this helps and best investing!

Dr. K

Note: Wolfram is the chemical symbol for tungsten (W).

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