Oops! Correction to the MPT Tables

In a series of articles from April 21st through the 24th, my guest contributor, Professor Pat, introduced us to Modern Portfolio Theory. Using data collected from 1927 to 2007, he generated allocation tables among various investment classes to determine the optimum portfolio given an investor’s risk and return requirements. Yesterday, he phoned me in a panic, saying that one piece of data was input with a plus sign instead of a minus sign. Oops! His bad. Well, given all of the data he had to handle, he can hardly be faulted for one slip-up. He spent the better part of last evening re-crunching the numbers to come up with new tables. These tables and the discussions that correspond to it have been modified in my blogs to reflect the new values. The corrections were made to the blogs covering Parts II, III, and IV of his discussion of Modern Portfolio Theory (April 22-24). He profusely apologies for the error. According to him, the graph of the efficient frontier in Part V (May 7th’s blog) is not appreciably affected.

Again, I want to thank him for all of his efforts and his effort to correct this error in a timely fashion.

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