Reuters to the Rescue

I had an appointment this morning and just got back in so I won’t have time to post my usual insightful and provocatively written blog. I was going to skip it today but in doing my usual morning search for possible additions to the MANDA Fund–my M&A post-takeover announcement fund (see July 18 blog)–I stumbled upon a nifty resource on the Reuters news site: a daily newsletter detailing the latest M&A activity (including IPOs) that’s emailed to your inbox before 8am ET. How cool is that? It’ll sure save me a bunch of time in the morning. But this newsletter is just one of nine others that are free for the asking. I also signed up for the technology report. the health report, the Morning Digest, and my favorite–the Oddly Enough report that contains “quirky, strange-but-true stories from everywhere.” I could use a good grin with my morning cuppa joe.

That’s my tip for the day. I’m always grateful for anything that makes my day go more smoothly and I admit that it’s the little things in life that give me the most pleasure…although I certainly wouldn’t be upset if I won the lottery.

Disclaimer: I have no personal or professional affiliation with Reuters nor do any of my colleagues, friends, or family (that I know of).

To sign up for any of the Reuters newsletters, go to

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