Channeling Stocks & MANDA Updates

I was off-site yesterday meeting with my web developer and did not get a chance to post the updates to the new Channeling Stocks Portfolio and to the MANDA Portfolio which is an M&A fund.

Channeling Stocks additions and subtractions
It’s either a bad twist of fate of a cruel April Fool’s joke, but the market has been going against the grain of this portfolio where the holdings are all on the short side. (Although I’m long the SKF, it is a bear ETF.) Stop losses were triggered today on Goldman Sachs (GS) and Roper Industries (ROP), but I only got rid of Goldman. I’m keeping Roper because I believe the stop loss was set too low. I’m raising it to $44 near the top of its channel. This will allow the stock a bit more “wiggle” room. Today’s gain came on very low volume which leads me to believe that there’s not a lot of investor confidence in the up direction. We’ll see. As I said, this is going to be a learning experience for both of us and I’m doing this so you can see the thought processes that go into my choices. This isn’t as easy as it looks!

Long entry points were established on two stock candidates: Huaneng Power (HNP) and Sohu (SOHU), both Chinese companies. Huaneng was picked up yesterday at its closing price of $26.85. The target price is $30 and $25 is the stop loss.

Sohu was acquired today at its closing price of $43.63. Its price target is $50 with a $40 stop loss.

MANDA update
No new additions have been made to the M&A portfolio but one merger was completed this week. Private equity investment group JLL Partners completed there acquisition of Pharmanet Development (PDGI) on Monday. Shareholders of PDGI received $5 in cash per share. In the MANDA portfolio, this represents an 8.7% gain on the transaction.

The updated portfolios will be posted on Friday (or over the weekend).

Now back to researching today’s blog which I’m hoping will be out early this evening.

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